Importance of IoT? 

IoT helps people live and work smarter, can control their time in the best way. IoT gives businesses a view of how long their systems are actually up and running, providing insights into everything from machine performance to supply chain and logistics. IoT helps companies automate processes and reduce labor costs. Help reduce waste and improve service, make production and delivery less expensive, and provide transparency in customer transactions. Therefore, IoT is an important technology of daily life, and it will continue to grow with ever-evolving technology. 

Pros and cons of IoT 

- Advantage:

+ Access information from anywhere, anytime on any device. 

+ Improved communication between connected electronic devices. 

+ Transferring data over the Internet saves time and money. 

+ Automating tasks to help improve service quality of businesses. - Defect:

 As more devices are connected and more information is shared between devices, the hacker's ability to steal confidential information also increases. Enterprises may have to deal with large numbers of IoT devices, and collecting and managing data from those devices will be a challenge. 

+ If there is an error in the system, it is likely that any connected devices will be damaged. 

+ Since there is no international standard of compatibility for IoT, it is difficult for devices from different manufacturers to communicate with each other.

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